Tradition, identity, art - all on one sheet of paper - woodcut by J. Borges

Palm fibers processed with cheerful colors and traditional patterns; Handicraft that provides a steady income in rural areas

Dolls bring luck!

Toys as light as a feather, traditionally made from leaf stalks of the Miriti palm tree and colorfully painted.

Women from Minas Gerais transform everyday life into art

The Mamulengos hand puppets

Testimony of ancient culture in the Amazon region - cultural heritage and inspiration for regional handicrafts

Cuias, fruits become richly decorated objects of daily use, each piece is unique.

Handmade from Rio, creative and colorful, visible joie de vivre.

Jewelry from the rainforest

Basket with lid Turiarte

Courage, strength and wisdom of real people. Design and symbolism of the Huni Kuin in Amazonia

Huni Kuin Tasche